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摘要:藏品推荐毛泽东诞辰125周年玉玺,精品推荐《毛泽东诞辰125周年玉玺》Fine works recommend "125th Anniversary of Mao Zedong's Birthday"






》Fine works recommend "125th Anniversary of Mao Zedong's Birthday"



Collection name: the seal of the 125th anniversary of Mao Zedong's birth



Category: Jade



Core tip: each seal is composed of four parts. The Dragon buttons are two flying dragons carved with 999 pure gold hollow out, taking the Dragon button seal made by Deng Sanmu, a master of gold and stone, as the prototype. Longan inlaid with 2-carat natural ruby tourmaline is made of top-grade Xinjiang Hetian sapphire, which is completely cut and polished by hand. The specification is 50 mm × 50 mm × 90 mm, which means the ninth five year plan. Around each side, Tian'anmen Gate is also carved in relief. The bottom of the seal is made of pure hand-made Yang carving. Chairman Mao's Fu characters written by himself at different times, in different strokes and with different meanings are engraved. The meaning of "five blessings arrive at the same time, and send blessings to the people" is taken, which reflects the president's lifelong goal of striving for the people of the whole country.


The jade seal collection of emperors of all ages is of great value. In 2010, the Qianlong Dragon Seal was sold for 101.8 million yuan; in 2010, Sotheby's autumn auction, a Hetian jade "Qianlong Dragon Seal" was sold for 106 million yuan. Fuxi comprehensively shows Chairman Mao's glorious life and prays for the people. It is a very rare super Noble Collection in the history of great people's collection. It is very rare for people to enter Tibet publicly. This is the blessing of the people and the guarantee of future value!


Expert interpretation


As the highest standard of chairman's collection since the founding of new China, the value of "the 125th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth" has far exceeded the collection itself, creating a precedent in the collection field, which is worth collecting and inheriting for generations.


Experts asserted that "the 125th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth" is the largest collection of great people since the founding of the people's Republic of China, with the highest specifications, the deepest significance and the lowest circulation. It is not only a milestone commemoration, but also a classic masterpiece with great collection significance and investment. It is recognized by the industry as the first choice collection with "collection, investment, gift and inheritance"!


Big theme, big background, big production and limited authority are the nuclear power for the appreciation of "the 125th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth"


Experts pointed out that to measure the appreciation space of a collection, we need to see the following points: first, the subject matter, second, the background of issuance, third, the authority, and fourth, the volume of issuance. "The 125th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth" is the first official collection approved by the state, which is strictly issued by Qi Deping, an expert on the differentiation of handwriting of Mao Zedong and a research expert on the custody of chairman's writing. Once it is issued, it will be established. That is to say, it has caused a sensation. Major museums, old leaders and calligraphy lovers are competing for permanent collection. In 2011, only less than 800 sets of limited edition were released into the collection, which is really rare. If you grab it, you will earn it!


The perfect combination of precious materials and great people's themes, 20 2-carat pure natural rubies of 2.5kg top grade and Tian Qingyu, 999 pure gold perfectly create five "Chairman Mao's five fortune seals", and the future value will reach a new high!


The annual growth rate of Hotan jade is more than 50%, and due to the illegal exploitation in the early stage, the present amount of life is extremely rare. The "jade seal for the 125th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth" for the first time integrates 2.5kg of top-grade Hotan jade, 20 natural rubies and 999 pure gold in the chairman's collection, which is a close combination of the great man's collection and precious materials, which has an extraordinary position in the history of the great man's collection, and its future value inestimable!